Who are ‘Toy Entertainment’?


Toy Entertainment Limited was established in 2014 by Alexander Jeffrey, a full time musician, sound engineer and business director who wanted to bridge the gap between clients seeking an agency with experience in entertainment and customer service and the artists and bands who are reliable, motivated and dedicated to their craft.


Is there a charge for join ‘Toy Entertainment’?


There are no costs to join.


Who can join?


We accept applications from entertainers, bands, artists, DJs and industry suppliers. If you’re interested in working alongside event organisers and private clients to help them achieve their ambitions then we would like to hear from you. If you do something that you think is not represented on our website but is appropriate to our clientele we will certainly consider your application and potentially expand our listings.

What standard is expected?

We are looking for people who are confident at communicating their skill and ability to an audience and client. We want acts that are energetic, fun, personable, professional, reliable and trustworthy . If you think you are, then apply!

If you’re still unsure, the best way to gauge if you’re ready is to look at the other artists in the category that best represents your act. If your promotional material (audio, video, photos) is of similar quality, or better, you stand a good chance of being accepted.


What do I require to apply?

  • Professional quality audio

  • Professional quality photographs

  • A large repertoire of music appropriate for your clientele – more than enough for 2hrs of music

  • A professional and reliable PA system appropriate for your act

  • Well maintained and reliable instruments appropriate to your act

  • Own transport

  • Clothing suitable for a private event (Shirts, Suits, Stage Attire, Costume etc)

  • A professional line up of musicians who are reliable and trustworthy

  • A professional attitude towards efficient and effective business practices – in other words, be organised.


How Does ‘Toy Entertainment’ work?


We list all acts on our website where clients can browse the selection to find one they feel will be appropriate for their event. Once the client has requested a quote from the act they want to hire, we contact the act to ensure they are available. If they are, we confirm a fee and relay this to the client.  If the client is happy with the quote, we move on to the contract stage.


After confirming the act’s availability and fee, we draw up a legally binding contract between them and the client. The contract is put in place to ensure both the client and the act agree to the conditions set by both parties. After the signing of the contract, by both parties, the client pays a non-refundable deposit via bank transfer. This is ‘Toy Entertainment’s’ fee, typically 15%. The “total booking cost” is ‘the act’s’ fee + ‘Toy Entertainment’s’ fee. The client then settles the balance with the artist on the evening of the performance. The ‘balance’ is the fee agreed by the act. Once the event has finished the contract has been fulfilled.


We choose our ‘Top Picks’ based on feedback from our clients. They are acts that regularly demonstrate exceptional customer service, provide exemplary entertainment and receive positive feedback that makes them stand out from the crowd. The more positive feedback we receive about you the more likely you are to be featured in our ‘Top Picks’.




We expect all our artists to act in a professional and polite manner at every stage of the booking, from initial contact between us right up until leaving the venue. We will expect you to reply promptly to any communication regarding events (as this is one of the surest ways to demonstrate your ability to be professional) and we expect you to return contracts promptly.


If that doesn’t phase you then we want to hear from you! It’s imperative for us to develop great working relationships with our artists. We want you to know that once your application is accepted you are part of the ‘Toy’ family.

Remember, our team are all musicians.  We want both you and the client to have an exceptional experience.


Where do I join?


Email us at expressing your interest and we will send you our application form. Once you have filled it in and returned it to us with all your relevant media, we do the rest! (Details of how and where to send your form and media are on the application form.) Once up and running, we will inform you that your page is live, then we will be in touch as soon as a client asks for a quote.