Vibetown - 10th February 2018 - 80th Birthday Party

After a short journey down the M6, from our base of operations near Halifax, we loaded into The Banks's Stadium also know as The Bescot Stadium. The on site staff eagerly assisted with directions and were more then happy to help.

As we weren't able to do a site visit before the event we loaded our larger PA Hire package into the van to ensure we had enough coverage for the space.

This included the following equipment:

Martin Audio BLX 118 x 4

Martin Audio BLX 115 x 2

Crown XTI 6002 (Powering Subwoofers)

Crown XTI 4002 (Powering Tops)

Behringer X32 Producer

Behringer S16

The Blackline X performed amazingly, with crystal clear highs and powerful lows that filled the space without issue. In addition, we tested out our new Sennheiser E901 kick microphone. To say we were surprised by the sound is an understatement. It performed perfectly and gave us a highly precise kick sound that captured the attack of the batter head awesomely. Definitely a great accompaniment to our BETA52 for dual micing of kicks.

Both sets passed without a hitch and the guests had a great time, dancing to classic soul tunes and new pop ones. During the night we checked levels regularly to ensure it wasn't too loud for the clientele and made adjustments where required. Finally, load out flashed by and we were on the road again by 1am.

This coming weekend we'll be providing sound for The Total Stone Roses at the Irish Centre in Leeds! Hopefully we'll see you there.


For more information about the the band and venue follow links below:

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