Total Stone Roses & Oaysis - Leeds Irish Centre - 16th February 2018

After witnessing some amazing scenes last night we've recovered and are here to tell the tale! It started as any other event would, early arrival and set up.

Knowing that the headliners, The Total Stone Roses (Stone Roses Tribute), have a diverse fan base who span a wide age range, we wanted to cater for both those who wanted to 'feel' the sub and those who wanted to relax with lower SPL and sub. To do this we stacked the point source cabinets on the stage and ran the subs on a dedicated matrix. This ensured we had a balance between the needs of the fans on the dance floor and those in the seated sections. Lighting wise we patched into the in house system and kept things simple and within budget for the band.

That's enough tech talk now!

The first set saw 'Oaysis' take to the stage and romp through classic Oasis numbers, my personal favourite being 'Rock 'n' Roll Star'. It embodied everything the title suggested. Earthy drums, thumping bass, throaty guitar and robust vocals. We loved it! So did the audience.

The Total Stone Roses followed at 10pm and kicked things off with the classic 'I Wanna Be Adored'. Responding in kind the crowd started throwing pints of lager in the air. They were here for this and made sure the neighbours knew. The set continued with a pace that left the audience wanting more. In an unexpected turn of events the vocalists stopped the band to call out a member of the audience who was acting in an aggressive manner and called on the security guards to have him removed. It brought the house down. Everybody cheered and continued the partying with new vigour. After the band had finished we had numerous individuals come up and thank us for the quality of the sound and lighting. Job well done!

Once we've cleaned the cabling we'll be ready to do it again this coming weekend with Vibetown!


For more information on the band and venue please follow the links below:

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